COACH releases COACH 1941 early spring vacation series advertising large first time, follow the New York skyline, looking for your American dream

COACH releases COACH 1941 early spring vacation series advertising large first time, the advertising image was controlled by photographer Steven Meisel once again: COACH girls in the nostalgic sense of the coupe toward the home of Brooklyn and iconic New York City skyline set Interpretation of COACH first season early spring vacation series.

Early in the morning in New York was haze, urban skyscrapers to add a little of the last century, the plot of the old movies and romance. In New York, this is all possible cities, you can show personality.

Steven Meisel as a long-term master of photography co-operation with the COACH, his works contain a rich nostalgia complex. The shooting models Rianne van Rompaey, Roos Abels, Jing Wen, Yasmin Wijnaldum and Finnlay Davis will be independent of their personality advocated by their respective wear tough motorcycle boots, sweet western country style print skirt and campus wind jacket perfect rendering. Printed with a car image and cartoon image of the retro T-shirt take COACH classic soft leather jacket, handsome exudes a charming feminine. As the new flagship product COACH, Rouge handbags embossed chrome leather with rivets decorated with tassels, classic style highly respected, very attractive. “Rexy” dinosaur pattern hanging ornaments hanging in the handbag, add to the overall shape of the fun.

coach 1941

New York, a city of multicultural integration, this spirit throughout the COACH early spring vacation series advertising image blockbuster, carrying the “pursuit of the American dream” feelings.

COACH Executive Creative Director Stuart Vevers said: As COACH first season early spring vacation series, I would like to emphasize the origin of the brand once again– full of romantic, infinite charm of New York. By giving the brand personality charm and fashion will COACH girls in New York, to deconstruct the expression from COACH early spring vacation series fashion.

US high-end lifestyle fashion brand COACH was founded in New York in 1941, has a long history of rich brand heritage, committed to the leather and special materials, innovative design. COACH products through brand boutiques, designated department stores, stores and official website in the global sale. In 2015, COACH acquired Stuart Weitzman.

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